Thursday, June 3, 2010

Critical Thinking, Skeptical Inquiry, and the Scientific Method

Who can be against critical thinking?

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It's skepticism that get folks fired up. Here are some websites sure to attract lightning:  Quackwatch used to be infamous among the New Age crowd. Only the FAQ has been updated this year though.  Run by the same Stephen Barrett as Quackwatch, it hasn't been updated this year? I wonder if he's ill, or worse.
There are also blogs where you'll find some combustible bits:  Yes, we have our own atheist blog and podcast right here at home.

I don't have time to read blogs regularly so I listen to several of these organizations' podcasts while exercising and driving. To sign up go to iTunes, click on podcasts, and search for the term "skeptic." My current favorites include:

Are We Alone

For Good Reason

Point of Inquiry

Rationally Speaking


Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

Skeptics with a K


SGU 5x5

You may find that the skeptical bloggers and podcasters respond to the much same news items in much the the same way. Once you find a style, tone, level of rigor, and volume that suits you you may safely dispense with the others.

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