Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Fourth Time is the Charm

Finally made it to Baby Canyon Pueblo in the Agua Fria National Monument...

[Click on the images for larger views]

The least steep way down

The descent begins

A rattlesnake's previous skin

Vicky taking a picture of our descent... "What's on that boulder?" 

"Could it be petroglyphs?"

"Oh, yes, they are!"

Corn symbols and a spiral

And perhaps a face

Just sitting there, minding it's own business, for 600 years

A walk down the wash before our ascent

Life is recovering from last year's wildfire

Potsherds like someone spilled a bag of pennies

Baby Canyon Pueblo

Several panels of rock art just below the pueblo 

Petroglyphs of game, mostly bighorn sheep

Deer we think


Mission accomplished

The saddle between the plateau and pueblo

Remains of several of the 100 rooms

Mud mortar still fills the joints

Modernity in the distance and six centuries in the future

Off the map so still in pretty good shape

Broken matates, potsherds, and lithic fragments found by others

An abrader I think

A quartz core

An intact mano

The view of the path home, down, across, and up

The view back up our descent route

Another walk in the wash before starting back up

A last view of our goal