Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School

At good old iTunes U...

Got some serious drive-time coming up so I'm loading the iPhone 5 with my usual variety of courses from iTunes U.

Bibliology/Theology Proper

Knowing why Bible-believing Christians bestow upon their scriptures inspiration, inerrancy, and authority is interesting to me.  Is there a practical difference between Biblicism and Bibliology as practiced by the fundamentalist? Perhaps I'll find out in the course of 51 episodes.  So far Dr. David J. MacLeod - Dean for Biblical Studies and the Program Director for Biblical Studies, Bible Exposition and Theology at Emmaus Bible College, is earnest but not compelling.

Crass Plagiarism

Instead of Jewish authors cribbing foundation myths from their Babylonian captors, Dr. John Currid - professor of Old Testament at RTS, argues that Moses engaged in a polemical take-down of other Near Eastern theologies.  Interesting spin from the Reformed tradition.  Now where's that Occam's Razor?

Genesis Through Joshua

Dr. Richard P. Belcher, Jr. -Professor of Old Testament at RTS, engages in all the acrobatics necessary to explain a literal and inerrant Genesis (even without mentioning non-literal scholarship) without much success.  Seems it helps to believe it before trying to make sense of it.  UPDATE: Finished. It's not a bad course if a person wants to understand a literalist view of the Pentateuch from a Reformed perspective.

Colonial and Revolutionary America


New Thinking: Advances in the Study of Human Cognitive Evolution

Thought and Experience

Philosophical Problems

Philosophy of Mind

Religion x3, check.  History x1, check.  Science x3, check.  Philosophy x2, check.

Diet Coke and beef jerky?  Oops, almost ready...

C'mon, open road!