Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When Your Day Gets a Little Too Serious

When STRATFOR is depressing and Schneier is talking crypto, visit The Oatmeal...

If you love Wondermark but want a strip in color for a change, visit this wickedly funny online comic.  Zombies, coffee, unicorns, the internet, pterodactyls, TSA, cats, customer service, dolphins, Apple products, and polar bears, The Oatmeal has it all!

WARNING: Do not drink coffee over a keyboard while viewing The Oatmeal.  If laughing uncontrollably causes you sputter chunks at your monitor do not eat food while viewing The Oatmeal.  The language and imagery at The Oatmeal may not be suitable for all work environments, but everyone tested enjoyed it more than a sugar pill.  If you experience mirth that lasts more than four hours while viewing The Oatmeal consider closing your browser and getting back to work.