Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Rest of the Media

Here is the rest of my regular podcast listening and blog following…



PS, Yes my iPhone is only a 3GS.  I suppose if it were any more retro it would have fins and no seat belts.

Biodork Asks

What are your favorite science resources?


Biodork (aka Brianne Bilyeu) is a blogger of my acquaintance.  She is also a host on the Atheist Talk radio program (and podcast) originating here in the Twin Cities.  She's preparing for an interview on the topic of resources for adults who want to learn more about science. I answered her question thus...

Science-related podcasts I consume on a regular basis include:

There are many iTunes and iTunes U science courses.  Here are a pair I’ve listened to twice:

There have been many others I no longer follow and iTunes and the iTunes U offer many more choices.  Find what works for you.

UPDATE: I also like NOVA on PBS by way of TPT.  Oh yeah, and real books.

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