Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just What I Needed

Another rifle...

Me with the Recon. Shooting from sitting has never been my favorite position. Still isn't.

Took my new Recon Scout out for a test drive Saturday. It was built by Steve Bons at Granite Mountain Tactical in Prescott. Steve builds them on a Mossberg Patriot Bantam model. He shortens the factory barrel, threads the muzzle for accessories, and installs a sturdy front sight housing an AR15 front post.  The stock comes with a one inch thick insert for a 12 or 13 inch length of pull. I'll be running it short. Mine has the standard 18 inch tube (16 or 20 inches are no-cost options), sniper grey Cerakote, and a rounded heel on the butt pad. On Mr. Bons' sage advice I upgraded to the steel rear sight base. I want serious irons on a working rifle so I'm giving some thought to modifying a Weaver-style extension ring to protect the very clever flip up rear sight. The good Mr. Bons installs Weaver-style bases on the receiver - for conventional scopes, and on the barrel - for scout scopes.  As another added value, lapped Weaver quad-lock rings are provided with the finished rifle. I also had a 3rd socket installed so I can use a military sling, CW, Ching Sling, or Rhodesian. Wearing a Leupold 2.5x scout scope in the Weaver quad-locks and a biothane Rhodesian sling, my 18 inch Recon Scout comes in at a hair under seven pounds four ounces.  

We were sans bench so it took a few more rounds than usual to get my new rifle on the steel, but after that any misses seem to have been the result of my decrepitude and lack of practice. The handy little Mossberg seemed light in recoil; maybe as a result of the cushy pad, or because the well-fitted short LOP suits me, or because we weren't all hunched over it at the shooting bench. I really like the heavy duplex reticle on the Leupold scout scope. Didn't try the irons, a Vari-X II 1-4x, or the Swarovski 1.5x today. I used only the Ching Sling this time out.  

We used my new 10 inch steel gong targets and target stand from Shooting Targets 7.  The set-up is modular yet sturdy.

I'm only 40 rounds in, but I'm very pleased so far.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Back On The Road

This time to check another item off Gramma Kay's bucket list...

Mom asked to visit the Grand Canyon West Skywalk on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. We got on Route 66 at Seligman ("Leave no route untraveled!"). We stopped in Peach Springs, Arizona, for brunch. We ate at at the Hualapai Lodge Restaurant (highly recommended!). Next door was the long abandoned John Osterman Shell Station (added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012). 

While sturdy, its exterior is not aging gracefully, but then who among us can claim to be doing better?

We had a fine time traveling there and back with the folks.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Took Another Walk Into The Past

This time capsule is but a few minutes from downtown Prescott...

Took a little hike to the Lynx Creek Ruin today. 

Take 301. Trail 305 leads you on a long walk back to the highway.

You have to squint and use your imagination a little, but this was once a 15 room pueblo from 1150-1300 CE. 

One is tempted to ask "Why there?" until you see the views...

San Francisco Peaks in the distance.

What Abject Cruelty!

Who puts a used book section in the museum gift shop?!!

Visited the Smoki Museum in Prescott this afternoon.  In many ways the Smoki People - white people performing in red face - were to Native America what the Rosicrucians are to ancient Egypt.  Still, they have a fine little museum featuring extensive displays of weaving, pottery, and lithics.  Best of all, on several shelves in the gift shop there are used books at garage sale prices.  The five I chose cost me all of $17.50.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Is Pre-Remodeling Even A Thing?

Doing a little pre-remodeling in my crowded little bath...

Re-did the medicine cabinet with translucent glass instead of mirrors and then painted it gray as a medium accent. The bathroom is getting some black fittings in anticipation of a a new whitewash finish on the door, walls and ceiling. Might have it done in time to show mom and dad when they visit next week.

The major remodel - new floor, new sink, new toilet, and a claw foot cast iron tub - is on the project list.

Must replace the scary heater before then.

Need to find a mirror with a wood frame too.

All it takes is time and money...