Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things We Learn at the Annual Deer Rifle Sight-In 2011

Changes I'd make if it were up to me...

Iron sights would be made of iron...not pot metal or plastic.

Every rifle or shotgun not fitted with a scope would be equipped with an aperture rear sight and a post front sight.

The owner of any gun fitted with see thru scope mounts would be detained while their rifle is fitted with a Weaver rail and medium rings.

People who have heard that red dot sights are the fasheezy would be asked to try them outside the sporting goods store or gunshop on a sunny day before parting with their hard earned cash.

No one would be allowed to purchase any scope cheaper or of lesser quality than a Redfield 2-7x ($150.00).

Red dot sights would be prohibited on 12 ga slug guns.

No one under 21 years of age would be allowed to shoot 12 ga slug guns.

Everyone under 21 shooting a 20 ga slug gun would be issued a PAST Recoil Shield.

Sons and daughters would be given their own 243 rifles instead of being expected to use their dad's 30'06 or their grandpa's open-sighted 30-30.

Young shooters would insist on having fun at the range and the adults who brought them would be pleased to listen.

Each and every Remington 74XX series rifles would be forcibly retired and replaced with Mossberg ATR bolt actions in 243.

The stock of every rifle and shotgun would be cut to the correct length of pull for its shooter and fitted with a Limbsaver recoil pad.

Even grown men would be required to try Remington Managed Recoil or Federal Low Recoil ammunition in their 30'06 rifles...just once.

Anyone insisting that a magnum cartridge is needed to hunt whitetail deer would be subjected to merciless eye rolls and wry smirks.