Friday, February 10, 2012

Private Security Reduces Public Crime?

Whoulda' thunkit?

John Sodaro, at The Crime Report pointed us toward an interesting paper.

The RAND study The Effect of Business Improvement Districts on the Incidence of Violent Crimes suggests that private sector spending on security improvements be considered as part of the reason crime rates continue to fall year over year.

Very interesting news, especially for private sector security professionals.  It only makes sense that effective corporate security programs contribute to the reduction of crime rates in the the communities where companies operate.  It's time private security takes some credit.  Public policing is not the only way to affect crime rates.

Yes, indeed.

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There Are Advantages to Working While Others Slumber.

February and March 2012 offers some prime planet spotting opportunities...

Those of you inclined to contemplate the heavens should know that this month and next offer some of the best views of the visible planets this year. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter - known in antiquity as the wandering stars - can all be spotted with only a little help.  Good binoculars are an aid, but you'll want a telescope to resolve the planet's disks and the Galilean moons of Jupiter. Enjoy.

UPDATE: More skywatching details courtesy of Universe Today.

I'm Curious What You Think

Said the late night text, "If you have time give The Parking Lot Movie a watch..."

The Parking Movie, a 2010 documentary by Meghan Eckman, is a surprising engaging treat.  Owned by a relaxed proprietor and staffed by a motley assortment of slackers, grad students, and philosophers the Corner Parking Lot across the street from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, is a microcosm of urban reality, industrial capitalism, and human sociology.  Without overtly trying The Parking Lot Movie contains lessons about leadership, security, self respect, and the abuse of privilege.  You can watch it instantly on NetFlix, unless you quite them in digust.

Thanks for the tip, David.