Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Who Said Twitter Was Good For Nothing?

Oh wait, that was me, but I was wrong...

Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer (@BadAstronomer he's actually very good), recommended Monsoon II It's an awesome video that gives the viewer some sense of all the energy and water roiling inside these monstrous storms. Living underneath them is great fun too...

I liked it so much I started following its creator, photographer Mike Olbinski (@MikeOlbinski).

Olbinski in turn uses powerful music by composer Kerry Muzzey (@kerrymuzzey) which I enjoyed so much I started buying his albums! It might be overly simplistic to say Muzzey combines the emotional elegance of Phillip Glass and the power stroke of Hans Zimmer, but that'll get you in the ballpark.

I started with the piece Olbinski chose to accentuate Monsoon II, Paladio: Rebuilt (Extended Version, Full). After sampling several albums, I chose Music for the Body in the Bathtub. Yes, that's its real name, but don't let stop you. Then I downloaded Home Movies. Next, I think will be his Trailer Music series.

Great fun, and all because of Twitter...

UPDATE: Since then I've added The Architect, Cinematica, Trailer MusicTrailer Music 2, and Home Movies 2.  Christmas gifts to myself I guess, at ~$9 an album.  I'm worth it.

I've also, ironically, traded a few tweets with both @MikeOlbinski and @kerrymuzzey in the weeks since I first heard of them.