Monday, May 9, 2016

The Podcasts

I'm listening to these days...

Distraction, With Dr. Ned Hallowell - Psychology

Monster Talk - Monsters in the popular imagination 

The Deconstructionists Podcast - Religion, mostly Christianity

Spark My Muse - Spirituality, mostly Christianity

Point of Inquiry - Critical thinking

The Classic Tales Podcast - Classic tales; I listen for the horror

Skeptoid - Critical thinking

Rationally Speaking - Critical thinking

On the Media - News media coverage of current events

Ideas, With Chris Kennedy, From CBC Radio - Currents events from a Canadian perspective

On Being, With Krista Tippett - Spirituality

Quack Cast - Critical thinking applied to medicine

Reasonable Faith Podcast - Evangelical Christianity as interpreted by Molonist theologian, philosopher, and apologist William Lane Craig

Escape Pod - Science Fiction

Astronomy Cast - Astronomy 

Please recommend others...