Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Another Weekend In The Ruins

The pre-history of Arizona just keeps giving...

Sunday we visited V Bar V Heritage Site in the Coconino National Forest an hour or so to the northeast of Prescott. The wall upon which over a thousand petroglyphs are carved is also an archeo-astronomical calendar.

The two rocks at the top cast shadows that allowed the Sinagua to track the seasons.

The fertility corner.

Clan signs and clues to their cosmology.

The Figure 8 may symbolize a solar eclipse.

A variety of tree, shrubs, and foliage cling to the water's edge in the desert riparian habitat.

Then we drove another hour to the Palatki Heritage Site to view its dwellings and rock art.

The cliff dwellings feature 700 year old lintels made of sycamore.

A mix of Archaic, Sinaugua, Yavapai, and Apache rock art dating from the beginning of the common era through the arrival of Spaniards on horseback. There are even some faint parallel lines in the rock walls thought to have been inscribed there by Paleo-Indians! Evidence of Clovis technology has been found in the neighborhood.

Palatki is the southernmost site to feature Red Ghost images.

A Sinagua creation myth was sooted over by the fires in which the Yavapai roasted yucca hearts.

Some of the red rock sandstone that makes Sedona, Arizona, so famous.