Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

My podcast feeds remain largely unchanged in 2013…

The holidays have been hard on my podcast listening.  It’s like everyone has been on vacation or something.  A week in the deer blind erased my Gresham College, LSE, and RSA backlog, so I’m anxiously awaiting each program’s weekly serving.  I ought to have a look at iTunes U to find some fresh classes to listen in on.  Until then, these programs comprise my drive-time listening:

Astronomy Cast - science

Atheist Talk  - religion

Big Picture Science - science 

For Good Reason - critical thinking

Gresham College - ideas

Ideas from CBC Radio - uhh, ideas

LSE- ideas

Monster Talk - critical thinking

On Being - religion

Point of Inquiry - critical thinking

PopTech - ideas

Quackcast - science

Rationally Speaking - critical thinking

Reasonable Doubts - religion 

Reasonable Faith - religion 

RSA - ideas

Skeptiko - science (sort of), religion (at least spirituality), critical thinking (examples of how to do it wrong)

Skeptoid - critical thinking

TED - ideas

Token Skeptic - science

Unbelievable - religion

If you have a suggestion for other listening, I'm open to influence.

Great Expectations

A partial reading list for 2013...

This year, instead of creating a master list from which I will be distracted by other acquisitions, new releases, and recommendations, I am identifying a shorter list of some 25 core books, all of which I already own, that I intend to complete.  The other half will be the fiction I consume between serious reads and those presented to me by serendipity.

In the fiction category I intend to read more horror, more science fiction, some literature, and maybe even some poetry.




Hmmn, 25; that's a nice round number.  Science: nine. Religion: eight.  History: eight Interesting spread, and these are the books I know I want to readC'mon, serendipity!