Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not Enough Time in the Day

A five minute commute is changing my podcast listening habits...

Living all of two miles from work has shortened my daily drive time significantly.  Even at 2x a fella cannot get through the introduction of his formerly favorite podcasts, so some pruning was in order.

American Freethought - Religion

Astronomy Cast - Science

Big Picture Science - Science

Brain Science Podcast - Science

Ideas with Paul Kennedy - Ideas

LSE Public Lectures & Events - Ideas (gone is the very similar RSA podcast)

Monster Talk - Science

On Being with Krista Tippett - Religion

On the Media - Ideas

Point of Inquiry - Ideas (also gone is its doppelganger For Good Reason)

QuackCast - Science

Rationally Speaking - Ideas

Reasonable Doubts - Religion

Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig - Religion

Skeptiko -Science at the Tipping Point - Critical thinking, or how not too

Skeptoid - Critical thinking

Unbelievable with Justin Brierly - Religion

Gone also are TED (which really deserves to be watched rather than merely listened to) and PopTech.

I regret most of all the deletion of Skeptics Guide to the Universe, but they have totally "jumped the shark" with some of their newer commercial interruptions.  I will continue to make time to read Steve Novella's excellent NeuroLogica Blog.

I still use iTunes to to manager my podcasts.

When I finally move into a cabin in the pines on the outskirts of Prescott, Arizona, I predict my drive time will lengthen, I can repopulate my iPhone, and order will be restored to my podcast universe.  Time will tell.