Monday, August 9, 2010

More Drivetime Podcasts

I've thinned out my podcast listening list so there's room to try a few more...

Caravaggio's "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas" courtesy of wikimedia commons

Righteous Indignation "is the weekly UK based podcast that aims to critically examine extraordinary claims and the people who surround them. These include ideas related to conspiracy, the paranormal, the occult and attempts to redefine the boundaries of science and current understanding." Their website is here.

Token Skeptic is an Australian skeptical weekly that looks at "superstition, paranormal belief and the science behind it all. The podcast covers a range of ideas and issues, stemming from psychology, philosophy and ethics, science, critical thinking, literacy and education." Created by Kylie Sturgess who also blogs at PodBlack Cat, writing on science, superstitions and skeptical life.

[UPDATE: Ms. Sturgess wrote to politely inform me she's Australian, not British...Oops.  If I'd paid closer attention I'd have recognized her name (but apparently not her accent) from the work she did at The Skeptic Zone, another Australian podcast I've tried in the past.  While taking a closer look at Kylie's blog I'm interested to see she writes about skepticism from a female perspective as well as the role of skeptical inquiry in education.  She also writes the Curiouser and Curiouser column for CSI.  I look forward to studying her work.]

America's Evolutionary Evangelists, Evolving FaithInspiring Naturalism are three podcasts feature husband and wife traveling eduation team of Michael Dowd - the minister, and Connie Barlow - the science writer, who also operate The Great Story website.

[UPDATE: Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow's various offerings are taking some getting used to.  Their pro-science, pro-evolution, moderate atheist but vaguely pantheistic message is delivered in a woo-colored, evangelical-flavored wrapper.  Interesting, but weird.]

Unbelievable, hosted by Justin Brierley.  A podcast of the weekly religious radio programme aired by Premier Radio in the UK.  The show is unabashedly promoting an evangelical biblical worldview but they address a variety of topics discussed or defended by non-evangelical Christians, believers from other traditions, and even nonbelievers, so I'm giving them a try.

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  1. "British"? :) Heh, I'm Australian! You can also hear some of my interviews on the first podcast I started on, called 'Skeptic Zone'. :) Thanks very much for the recommendation!