Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ignore The Netflix Movie Poster

Absentia is a thoughtfully creepy horror film...

Due to mixed reviews and a three stars Netflix rating I wasn't expecting much from the 2011 horror film Absentia. I was pleasantly (or is that unpleasantly?) surprised. The acting by Courtney Bell and Katie Parker was genuine, production values were real world. The pacing was measured, slow but never plodding. The story builds patiently toward a shocking and sad resolution. What I found most compelling is that Absentia can play as a psychological thriller dealing with the unexplained loss of loved ones, or as the worst sort of horror film, in which families, relationships, and lives are shredded through no fault of their own by merciless and implacable forces against which there is no defense. Absentia is not for everyone, but serious horror fans will enjoy it.