Saturday, May 7, 2011

This and That

From some of the discussion groups I frequent...


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"Does anyone have a report or know of a study that has been conducted that indicates whether or not a newly-constructed homeless shelter increased crime or risk within a geographic area? A residential community or commercial center?"

A quick Google of the terms homeless shelter effect on "crime rate" pdf returned some papers such as:

Some are academic, others are position papers written by organizations with an obvious stake in outcomes. I don't have time to assess them for bias and agenda. Perhaps you can let us know what you find in the course of your research on this important topic.

"I'm searching for a template or developed scenario to conduct a response exercise/drill on purposeful food contamination in the retail convenience store sector."

You might try a replay of the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack.

UPDATE: Another poster suggested DHS/FEMA National Planning Scenario 13: Biological Attack – Food Contamination

And CARVER + Shock.

Not cheerful stuff...

"Interested in CPTED guidelines. Any CPP out there currently working with CPTED principles?"

There is a CPTED group at LinkedIn managed by Severin Sorenson, one of the top people in the field. He has a website with resources too.

Anything by Randall Atlas is worth reading.  His website is here.

Likewise Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design by the late Timothy Crowe is a classic in the field

In the mean time just in case you haven't read Creating Defensible Space your reference library is incomplete.

The wikipedia external links on the topic lead us to a very interesting annotated bibliography