Sunday, January 9, 2011

Youth Without Youth

"I know very well that I am dreaming, and soon I will wake up..."

A meditation on the meaning of life; the nature of time; the reality of dreams; the illusion we call reality; longing, love, regret, and second chances; and a man's search for the origin of language and human consciousness.  What's not to like?  Written, produced, directed, and lovingly crafted by Francis Ford Coppola (how can he be 71 years old?), based on a novella by scholar of religion, Mircea Eliade, this 2007 film was not a commercial success.  Even my favorite movie critic, Roger Ebert, did not care for it.  Well, he can't be right all the time.  Oh, yeah, it may take a couple viewings for it all to sink in.