Sunday, August 14, 2016

Glock 19 Ready For The Range

My new pistol needed a few refinements...

Finally had some time to set up my brand new personal Glock 19 Gen 4. The nasty plastic factory sights were never part of the plan, but I'm not all that impressed by the factory night sights that came on our Glock 22 pistols neither. After seeing Ameriglo Hackathorn sights on a fellow student's pistol at last month's Gunsite 250, I sent away for my very own set (part number GL-433). It has an orange tritium dot in the steel front sight only and there's plenty of light on either side of the front sight when centered in the notch of the black serrated steel rear sight - a boon to my aging peepers. Last month I spoke with with Gunsite rangemaster Corey Trapp about setting up a 19 for EDC as well as to serve as an understudy to my issue 22. When I mentioned I appreciated the easily perceived trigger reset on the Glock, he recommended I try the 3.5 lb minus connector (called the 4.5 lb connector by the factory) paired with the factory NY2 (orange) trigger spring. He said it will deliver a crisp reset and reduce over travel, which he regards as the bane of Glock shooters. Yet to be impressed by aftermarket offerings, Corey prefers a fella uses only factory parts in Glocks. Haven't shot it yet (will tomorrow), but the trigger is now firm but not overly heavy and the reset is even more perceptible - in 
both a tactile as well as audible sense. Looking forward to trying the combination.

UPDATE: Finally got to the range [Prescott Gun Club] this afternoon [15 August 2016]. The mid-sized G19 will shoot as well as I let it. The honking huge orange dot on the front post and no distractions surrounding the wide rear notch is one awesome combination! It's almost like cheating!

UPDATE: Had another failure to eject (2 in 200 rounds so far) with the steel case TulAmmo.  Have to keep an eye on that...