Sunday, April 3, 2011

Being Vulnerable to the Threat of Confusing Threats with Vulnerabilities

This neat little essay was written by Roger G. Johnston at the Argonne National Laboratory which also hosts the Journal of Physical Security...

This was brought to our attention by the ever excellent Bruce Schneier's blog.  Interesting reading.  I shared it with my team at work.  Anyone disagree with his premise?

"The Journal of Physical Security (ISSN 2157-8443) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to technical or social science aspects of physical security. Physical security involves protecting tangible assets (including people) from harm, or using physical security measures to protect intangible assets."

It's not published very often but hopefully this source will be a boon to my SM-401 students and others in our Security Management program at Saint Mary's.  Academic sources for peer-reviewed security papers are scarce.  An online subscription is free. 

Check it out, security nerds.

UPDATE: Here's another useful essay, again by Roger Johnston, this one titled Changing Security Paradigms.  Paradigms shifts, they're the latest thing.  Try one today!