Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Seriously, it could be a pretty good year...

Here in Groom Creek, at 6,270 feet elevation, south of Prescott, AZ, the ground is white, the sky is blue, and the forest smells of Ponderosa Pine.  I have no end of work to do on the house*. Same goes for work, where there is a lifetime supply of challenges. My social life has nowhere to go but up. May you enjoy a pleasant New Year Year and a productive 2015. Time for a walk in the woods...

* Planned home improvement projects include:

  • Install an insulated metal roof. [2016]
  • Replace gutters in front. [removed instead]
  • Install gutters in back. [may not]
  • Insulate the floor under the crawlspace.
  • Replace the single pane glass with double pane windows. [DONE]
  • Replace the ugly pink scalloped pavers with large river rounded cobbles. [DONE]
  • Spread several yards of decomposed granite in strategic and cosmetic locations. [DONE]
  • Plant some spreading flowering vines on the fence.
  • Trim up or prune the trees and shrubs come Spring. [DONE]
  • Replace the broiler-looking heater in the bathroom with something safer.
  • Replace a couple posts on the deck. [need to replace entire railing - 2016]
  • Give the deck planks TLC as needed. [IN PROCESS]
  • Rebuild the stone steps from the front drive to the front yard.
  • Relocate the chandelier in the dining area (just a foot to the west).
  • Remove the sink from the den (no one else knows why it's there either). [DONE]
  • Get more bookshelves. [DONE]

Unless I start playing Lotto, and then win big, the following may have to wait until 2016:

  • Refinish and re-caulk the exterior. [IN PROCESS]
  • Replace carpeting.
  • Remodel the bathroom so that is actually has some room.
  • Put a wood floor in the bathroom. 
  • Build a flagstone area in front of the fireplace.
  • Install riprap along the front of the property to reduce erosion.