Monday, October 5, 2015

The Man Cave Is Mostly Complete

After a year in my burly log home high in the Prescott National Forest all my books are finally unpacked...

Hunting, fiction, biography, natural history, American history, world history, geography, and the classics.

Religion, philosophy of religion, theology, neurotheology, philosophy, biography, and natural history.

Guns, gun building, hunting, natural history, and American history.

Guns, reloading, and hunting.

Leadership, management, security, psychopathology, teaching, and more American history.

Literature, fiction, horror, science fiction, more natural history, more philosophy, more religion, and more classics.

Still have sorting to do, but the manly coziness is to die for.

UPDATE: On Boxing Day I decommissioned the lower file drawers of my IKEA organizer and filled the shelf immediately.  No more unpacked book boxes!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice setup. Makes me think longingly of the boxes of books waiting patiently in my storage unit.