Friday, October 7, 2011

Was It Angels?

Or Jeremiah Fogle's puny pistol?

The Reverend William Boss, returned to work at the Greater Faith Christian Center Church in Lakeland, Florida, last Sunday, two weeks after Jeremiah Fogle, former deacon at the church, shot him in the head while he knelt in prayer.  Doctors report the bullet from Fogle's .32 caliber (a rather small cartridge which has been more or less obsolete since the invention of penicillin) revolver failed to penetrate Boss's skull even though the shot was delivered at almost contact distance.  Boss says his surviving being shot in the head was a miracle. 

"Ain't no doubt heaven opened up; it was some angels that were faster than a bullet," Boss said to his congregation.

Too bad the angels didn't arrive in time to stop the bullet before it struck Boss in the head.  Too bad the angels didn't make Fogle miss altogether, or make his gun misfire, or make him stumble and drop it down a storm drain as he walked to the church.  Most of all, it's too bad there were no angels inclined to save Theresa Fogle when Jeremiah Fogle gunned her down in their home a block from the church.

In grimly related news: Fogle's older brother Collis is a Chaplain to the Highlands County Sheriff's Department.  One paragraph in a brief news story leapt off the page at me.

"He said he knew nothing about the circumstances around his brother's shooting another wife, Diane Fogle, at their home in July 1986. At the time, the couple lived across the street from the Rev. Fogle."

I do so look forward to learning how this Jeremiah Fogle's life got so badly out of hand, why no one seems to have seen any of it coming, and (just maybe) why being Christian had so little impact on the lives of those involved in this horrible drama.