Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Refinishing An Oak Table Top

The punchline "So far so good" comes to mind...

Original finish represents some 25 years of battering and bruising, scratches and scuffs, topped off with some recent water damage...

Citristrip applied (the orange stuff containing no MEK)

Stripper scraped off and residue removed with mineral spirits.

Mineral spirits dried.

Sanded with 120 and then 220 grit 

Minwax penetrating stain Golden Oak 210B applied and left to soak in

Stain rubbed back

First coat of Minwax Helmsman spar urethane clear satin.

Next, the sanding between coats.

And the second coat.

Then let it dry.

Put the extension back in the loft and my dining room table is back in service...