Thursday, July 7, 2011

FDA Approved, Not TSA Approved

Al Qaeda hopes to go where the TSA dare not follow...

Seems someone in the DHS told someone in the TSA who told someone at every airline who told someone in the press (who these informative people are they're not's supposed to be a secret) that the Yemeni franchise of Al Qaeda hopes to surgically implant bombs inside air travelers in order to blow airliners out of the sky.

Will this make the "opt out" grope more aggressive, or will our faithful TSA protectors go a little easier when it comes time to give the next curvy "female random" the pat down?

Seriously, both technology and public patience reached its limit with the recently deployed naked scanners.  No way folks are going to submit to deep xrays without a warrant.  No way the TSA makes women prove their implants are not explosives.  Maybe TSA can take a page or two from the DEA playbook as applies to profiling/detecting/interviewing body-packing drug mules.  Otherwise, from here on out it will take good old-fashioned intelligence gathering,  investigations, police work, and counter-terrorism ops (okay, and maybe a drone strike here and there) to short circuit implantable bomb conspiracies.  While they're doing so it might help if they keep what they're working on a secret.