Sunday, February 3, 2013

At Least It's Better Than Teenage Vampires

Season 3 of The Walking Dead resumes next Sunday...

I get a little dispirited while examining the sociology of our fascination with zombie apocalypses.  My unease is magnified when I admit that I really enjoy AMC's take on the genre.  What the hell, it's a guilty pleasure.

  • So, how will Daryl escape Woodbury? [as of 10 February 2013...resolved]
  • Will Andrea side with right and justice? [not yet]
  • What will Merle do now that he's been reunited with his baby brother? [resolved]
  • Will Daryl and Carol ever admit the obvious to themselves and hook up? [uh oh]
  • Carl and Beth?  Season 4? [first, live until Season 4]
  • Can the katana wielding Michone ever fit in? [she's unconscious right now; maybe later]
  • Will Rick give the Governor what fer?  I so want the governor to get what fer! [seems Rick has some very serious mental health issues to work through first...]
Ohhh, I get it...  The Walking Dead is a soap opera; one with guns, zombies, and none too subtle social metaphors.  If that truth had been a walker I'd be turning by now.  Mustn't forget to clear my calendar, lay in a couple pints of Ben and Jerry's, and get ready to lock the doors.

UPDATE: Previously, on AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 3.0

Not Every Webmaster Gets Her Way

A comic posted inside the office window of the webmaster at my university...

click on image for easier reading

And here's the website for our otherwise fine institution.  Hmmn...