Wednesday, June 8, 2011

368 Days of Eclectic Breakfast

I missed the one year anniversary of my little blog which occurred 5 June 2011...

photo from our friend Sam at

I've posted 281 times on topics as varied and eclectic as anthropology, astronomy, blogging, civics, compassion, critical thinking, education, ethics, firearms, friends, humor, hunting, law, leadership, medicine, memoir, movies, natural history, outdoors, politics, reading, religion, risk, science, security, service, skepticism, and woo.  This may be too many labels but it'll do until I refine the list.

I've enjoyed using, my favorite source of stock photos, to illustrate my posts.  Sam Magraby has a keen eye and is very generous with his work; all you have to do is give credit where credit is due.

I've gotten to know myself a little better, celebrated some family accomplishments, had some fun, made some new friends, and developed a small but very sophisticated readership.

Thank you.