Saturday, January 23, 2016

Before and After

When nature gives you broken trees you make firewood...

We had quite a bit of snow over winter break.  It was the heavy, sticky kind that bends over tree tops, in my case until some of them snapped off.

Rental chainsaws have been added to my list of Hallmarks of Civilization, along with paved roads, bottled beer, sliced bread, safe drinking water, and antibiotics.

Son Erik is learning that my offer of "free room and board" may not mean precisely the same thing he was thinking.

He piled the wood and then he left on a work assignment for three days.

But I had some spare time Friday so I chopped and piled my new firewood.  I expect it will be dry enough to burn later this year.  My father gave me a splitting maul as a housewarming gift.  How cool is that?!!

Life is good here high in the Prescott National Forest.