Sunday, May 22, 2016

What's With The Green Thumb?

I planted more this Saturday...

My plans for the day changed when I realized I was two weeks early for a course I had looked forward to attending.  So on the way home through Prescott I stopped at Lowe's to buy more parts with which to expand the drip irrigation system.  Then I drove to Watters for another chat with Ms. Ella, my favorite horticulturist.  

She helped me find another plant I'd found very striking during my previous consultation.  Now I have two Coppertina Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius "Mindia" shrubs in front of the house.  They have a nice mix of copper, bronze, and verdigris color in the spring.  They'll run burgundy red in the summer and fall.    

I dug up the decrepit rose garden, snapping a shovel while prying on the ghost of a former occupant.  I turned the soil, mulched, rearranged the drippers, and seeded the space with Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix from Beauty Beyond Belief Seed

In the course of my spring yard work I've detected two former flower beds.  I gave them some attention as well.  The stone fringed circle west of the deck got mulch and a Wildflowers To Attract Butterflies & Birds.  I'll need to add a drip line.

A small bed east of the car port, which offered a couple surviving bulbs this year, got a Low-Growing Wildflower Mix.

These pictures are nothing much to look at now, but I hope they'll form the "Before" picture after we see what comes of today's work.