Friday, June 4, 2010

The Man From Earth

What if...

It's been a while but I quite liked the 2007 film The Man From Earth.  You can watch it instantly on Netflix.  I recommend it some evening when you're looking for a quiet, thoughtful movie.

What The Bleep Do We Know?

Who the Bleep is asking?

This link leads you to a variety of sites where claims made in What The Bleep Do We Know? are critically examined, and boy, do they need to be critically examined!  We watched this movie in a seminar at Saint Mary's and by the time it was over my eyes were tired from rolling back in their sockets for nearly two hours.

Later in the same class we watched the 1990 film, Mindwalk, which was much more compelling.  Not much happens, but the dialogue grows on you.  Don't know where you'll find a copy; Netflix seems not to have heard of it.

Jordan Peterson on Reality and the Sacred

My drivetime (a couple hours a day) and workouts (not so much) are spent listening to podcasts...

This one - Jordan Peterson on Reality and the Sacred - on the TVO Big Ideas podcast is so good I've already given it a second listen.

Richard Leider - Living on Purpose

I wrote about Richard Leider for a grad school leadership class.  Afterwards my instructor told me he lives and works in the Twin Cities.  She suggested I meet him.  I set up an appointment and had a pleasant conversation with him over coffee.  He coaches, teaches, and leads others to take "charge of your life/work."  He has an refreshingly interesting approach to life that ought to be obvious to us.  His stock in trade seems to be helping "successful" boomers reassess their priorities at mid-life.  He has a clever little annual check up you can use to make sure your life is on track.  As useful as it is to us mid-life boomers I'd like to think the younger users will benefit from it starting right now.

Billion Dollar Wallpapers

Image from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

If you're ever in need for some awesome computer wallpapers check out NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.  You'll learn something new, see something amazing, and get some small return your tax dollar investment in the Hubble Space Telescope and other spendy satellites and rovers (non-US residents get theirs for free).

What's Your Favorite Dennis Hopper Movie?

"And am I gonna be the one that's gonna set them straight? Look at me! Look at me! Wrong!"

Dennis Hopper was one of those actors who didn't seem to be happy unless he was shocking his audience, or at least setting their teeth on edge.  Hopper's back story is much more involved than I'd appreciated until I listened to Terry Gross' past interviews with him on Fresh Air the other day.  As for favorite movies featuring Hopper, mine is Apocalypse Now, of course, with Easy Rider running a close second.