Monday, January 3, 2011

A Pleasant New Year's Weekend

Cassie skied in the Twin Cities Championship...

It was a Classic 8.5k on Saturday and a 15k Skate Pursuit on Sunday.  It was in the single digits both mornings.  The Classic course Green Acres in Lake Elmo had a wicked uphill climb and resulted in many falls and several broken poles.  The course at Wirth was aggressive - twists and turns, climbs and descents. At least is wasn't raining this year.

Erik came along Sunday.  Very nice to see him out of bed before noon on a weekend.

Sport - cross country, nordic skiing, and track - has been a important part of Cassie and Erik's high school and college years.  Cassie hopes to help coach high school athletics after she settles in to her teaching career.  We're proud of their efforts.

Oh yeah, Cassie took a ski pole tip smack in the right eye during Saturday's race.  But for her sports glasses, which she wears religiously (Thanks, Boo!), we'd have spent the weekend at the hospital.  Polycarbonate eyewear is the must have accessory when chasing people who are waving pointed sticks behind them!

The rest of the weekend we spent playing Scrabble, going to movies (The Fighter, 2010), watching NetFlix (Night of the Demon and its inferior American cut Curse of the Demon, directed by Jacques Tourneur in 1957), working our way through the boxed set of NCIS season seven, sampling a delicious chocolate torte prepared by Erik, and cleaning the house.

Love having the brood home for the holidays.