Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Thelma and Louise

Gramma Kay and Grampa Larry visit the South Rim...

Mom and Dad are visiting Prescott, Arizona, this month. I was out of town on business all week so come Sunday the 16th we got together for a day trip to the Grand Canyon. It's less than three hours to the north of my new digs. Mom had not been there since 1955. This was Dad's first visit. It was cool and windy (it is winter even in Arizona after all) but the sun came and went often enough to make for some fine vistas.

Mom made up for her nearly 60 year hiatus by purchasing a little bit of everything in the gift shop. I finally bought a copy of Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, the Expanded 10 Year Anniversary Edition by Michael P. Ghiglieri (Author), Thomas M. Myers (Author), M.P. Ghiglieri (Editor), Kim Besom & Bronze Black (Illustrator). "They have to keep updating it," lamented the clerk who sold it to me, "There's just no end to stupid!"