Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books and Ideas

Ginger Campbell's other podcast...

I've been listening Ginger Campbell's Brain Science Podcast on iTunes since I got my first iPod.  Dr. Campbell practices Emergency Medicine and still finds time to blog and podcast.  Neurology is her interest, not her specialty, but she has made it her business to popularize the ever-expanding discipline.  She has also organized a group called Science Podcasters where like-minded promoters of science can hang their hats.  Dr. Campbell also has a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, a Twitter feed, and an iPhone app.  I'm always impressed when a fellow boomer dives headfirst into Web 2.0.

I don't know why I never tried any of her work at Books and Ideas but I'm glad I finally did.  She 'casts from this site topics that don't precisely fit the charter at Brain Science.  Not everything that interest Dr. Campbell interest me, but as I've caught up with her podcasts several struck my fancy...

#27 Jennifer Michael Hecht  Hecht, author of Doubt: A Hisory, was a skeptic of revealed truth a couple years before the four horsemen of the angry "new atheism" mounted their steeds. Listening to this interview reminded me to add her book to my 2011 reading list.

#25 Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism This one was 'cast on both feeds so I've heard this excellent interview before.  

#14-Dr. Pamela Gay of Astronomy Cast  Dr. Gay gives a surprisingly candid interview in which she and Dr. Campbell discuss the challenges of being women in the male-dominated fields of science and medicine.

#12 Does Free Will Exist?  So, what does it mean to us if there is no "contra-causal" free will?

#5 How are Science and Philosophy Related?

Dr. Campbell is so genuine and committed it's easy to overlook the few glitches in some episodes as she negotiated her podcasting learning curve.  I recommend you give Brain Science and Books and Ideas a listen.