Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Have Got To See This!

Too bad it's in 3D, but I'll make do...

The Cave of Forgetten Dreams by Werner Herzog.   Documents on film some of the oldest human art in the Chauvet cave of southern France.

UPDATE: Saw it tonight with a friend at the Uptown theater, presented in "glorious 2D."  Very nice film.  I'm pretty sure my head is not at all wrapped around the idea of 32,000 year old art dating from the dawn of modern man.  Of course, the seats at the Uptown are almost that old, but it's a mighty cool place to watch a movie.

"‘Birther’ Strategy Backfires"

You heard it on FOX...

Even the Wall Street Journal agrees, so does Yahoo, KITV Honolulu, and Al Jazeera.

Why the Obama campaign and the Whitehouse waited so long to present a public document and quash this stupidity ("whackjobism")we may never know. 

Will the birthers evaporate?  Doubt it; there are still Swiftboaters and 9/11 truthers.  What the teabaggers think of next?  No, wait, I said "think."  Will "The Donald" still run for President?  Aack!  Thpt! 

It would be nice to move on though...