Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Cultural Icon Bites the Dust in East Grand Forks, Minnesota

We note with some wistfulness that Whitey's Restaurant has been shuttered...

The real Whitey's in 1997, shortly after the end of its original run.

Actually, it's the post-flood Whitey's that has been closed.  The original bar and restaurant - "Whitey's Wonderbar" - which had operated since 1930 on the east bank of the Red River was destroyed by the flood in 1997.  That leaves Cabela's as the only reason to ever visit East Grand Forks, Minnesota (trust me on this).

But be of stout heart and good cheer, FxxxxxxG SxxxX fans!  At least the Red Pepper is still in operation.  Mmmn...nothing satisfies like a late night grinder - ham, double meat, double cheese, taco meat, and hot sauce.   Now there's fine dining!