Friday, February 24, 2012

A Work in Progress

You are welcome to tag along as my Secure360 talk takes shape...

Title (nine words maximum)

Mindsets and Toolkits: Thinking Positively About Security

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Security managers have personal, professional, and institutional biases that affect the way we see the world, evaluate hazards, and communicate risk.  We’re frequently conservative and hierarchical and more risk averse that the executives who rely on us to guide their business decisions.  Often we’re so focused on making sure bad things don’t happen we forget we are also responsible for making sure the right things do.  This sets us apart from peers in other business disciplines.  We’ll examine the means by which we to approach the security process with a sense of corporate responsibility, critical thinking, and resist using fear as a lever.  We’ll look behind the headlines for important clues for how our mindset is reflected in the way we approach the services we offer and look at skills we can add to our personal, professional, and institutional tool kit that make us more effective business partners.

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Michael Brady is a life-long security leadership professional.  He has provided security, safety, and emergency management services at semiconductor and computer manufacturing firms, as an independent security consultant, and as an executive for security service providers.  Currently an account manager, consultant, and trainer for Hannon Security Services Inc, Michael is also an adjunct instructor in the Security Management program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota School of Graduate and Professional Programs.  Michael recently completed his Master of Arts in Human Development degree where he focused on issues of leadership, team building, and problem solving.