Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm listening to a couple interesting iTunes U lecture courses these days...

photo of homo erectus skull from wikimedia commons

The course Historial Jesus is presented by Thomas Sheehan, professor at Stanford and the author of, among other titles, The First Coming: How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity which is currently out of print but available The Secular Web.  Neither an evangelical/fundamentalist nor an non-believer, Sheehan's exegesis is sophisticated, thorough, and thoughtful.

The other course is Dr. Stephanie Spehar's Physical Anthropology class at UW-Oshkosh.  This course deals with hominid evolution in a very accessible manner, though I suspect having her PowerPoint presentations to follow along would make it even more enjoyable.  She has a course on the Evolution of Language I'll be listening to soon as well.

Plus, while double-checking my links for this post I came across the very interesting The Do It Yourself Scholar blog which is written by Dara.