Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Weekend in Page, Arizona, USA

Them slot canyons ain't gonna visit themselves...

We arrived in the early afternoon Saturday and puttered around town a bit. We ate very well all weekend. RD's Drive-In offered up some tasty eats for lunch on Saturday. Big John's Texas BBQ was excellent, but too crowded to get into for supper Saturday . We enjoyed a fine lunch there on Sunday though. The Dam Bar & Grille a salmon special served only on Saturdays which is to die for. Their house Damber on draft is very nice and I recommend it highly. The State 48 Tavern was open long enough for us to have a late supper Sunday.

Vicky at the lookout south of the dam

Glen Canyon Dam

The Colorado River just south of the dam

Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado

Sunset overlooking Lake Powell

We went to Upper Antelope Canyon Sunday. It was awe inspiring but as crowded as the line for a new ride at Disneyland. About 9,000 people visit it every day, unless they get really busy. A special treat was visiting Mountain Sheep, Owl, and Rattlesnake Canyons. It cost more - okay, a lot more - but it was worth it. On Sunday only the four in our group and our guide entered Mountain Sheep Canyon. Only one other group visited Owl or Rattlesnake. Much better...

Ancient worm tubes cast in rock

Inside Upper Antelope Canyon

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Ghost of a Hotel along a Ghost of a Highway

"What? We can't not stay here!"

To borrow a line from the very strange 2017 indie film Bottom of the World

The El Rancho Motel was originally built as a residence for movie stars working on films in the vicinity of Gallup, New Mexico.

It once sat astride the legendary Route 66, which still surfaces here and there along its original route like a broken snake weaving its way through the Southwest 

The film makes powerful use of this 80 year old edifice.  I thought scenes of the lobby were shot in some weird art deco sound stage, but the lobby is indeed a kitschy marvel.

Reviewer Andrew Hope called Bottom of the World David Lynch Lite, which is actually a pretty interesting compliment.

We shall have to find an excuse to stay there some day soon...