Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Three and One Half Hour Commute

iTunes U to the rescue...

Six inches of snow here in Minneapolis this afternoon made the driving positively glacial.  Fortunately I had plenty of podcasts to keep me company while I whiled away the hours

I've been working my way through Professor Terrence Deacon's very nice undergrad course in anthropology posted on iTunes U by UC Berkeley.  Thanks to the 2x button on my iPhone I listened to three lectures in about two hours.

Then I caught up with the rogues at Skeptic's Guide to the Universe.  They were almost as excited about the status of Voyager 1 as I am.

And I listened to a nice panel discussion hosted by Kylie Sturgess of the Token Skeptic podcast.  This episode was a recording of a panel discussion held at Dragon*Con this past September.  This Skeptrack topic was women, feminism, science, and skepticism.

Now it's time to shovel the driveway.