Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If Appreciating Krista Tippett Makes Me An Accommodationist

Then where is my Accommodationist T-shirt?

But before you leave have a listen to the The Civil Conversations Project at On Being.

The CCP is in its second season of bringing together really smart, truly passionate, utterly human people who are willing to disagree and remain in dialogue.  It's very cool.

Season Two, which I found more fully formed than the 2011 season, features:

In 2011 Season One offered us topics like:

Frankly, I frequently find her equanimity maddening.  Listening to episodes of On Being, and her earlier Speaking of Faith, my inner voice sometimes shrieks "Call him a liar!"  But she doesn't, and I keep coming back.   If Tippett is not radical enough, or reactionary enough, to suit your perch on the continuum of such things perhaps you should consider the merits of dialogue instead of diatribe, or the very important difference between passion and hatred.

There are better people out there than you and me.  Krista Tippett is one of them.