Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NIOSH Science Blog

Just came across the NIOSH Science Blog...

Unlike blogs published by other alphabet agencies this one seems to be written by NIOSH engineers, scientists, and statisticians instead of the usual press release writers. It addresses workplace safety, law enforcement, workplace violence, ergonomics, healthcare industry, and other topics. You might might find it worth bookmarking at the office.

Gusties in the Arctic!

Cassie and her cohort of Gusties are student teaching in Barrow, Alaska...

 Yes, those are whale skulls

Cassie's second student teaching assignment is in the North Slope Bureau School District in Barrow, AK.  They're keeping a blog so we can stay updated. 

 A "palm tree" fabricated with balleen

It's been ten years since Cassie visited Barrow.  She's changed a lot, I wonder if Barrow has.
"Made it, Ma! Top of the world!"  Oops, wrong movie.

Stay tuned.

UPDATES: Each of the Gusties is taking turns posting on their Gusties in the Arctic blog.  Cassie has made two posts so far.