Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awesome Blog

If you're a defense technology geopolitics sort of nerd...

Just started playing with Twitter @michaelb8309 and have already come across some very interesting people.  One of them is Natalie Sambhi @securityscholar a defence analyst operating from Canberra and Jakarta.  She blogs with N.R. Jenzen-Jones at Security Scholar  and edits The Strategist.  Ms. Sambhi recently tweeted a handful of links that lead to articles and papers that go way beyond the ethics and legality of armed drone strikes.  I promptly forwarded them to a couple of my like-minded pals.  Here they are in case you like digging into the fine grain details:

Could "enhanced humans...plausibly count as [legally proscribed] 'biological agents?'" That feels like a stretch, but then again, the atomic bomb was a science fiction idea for which we had no ethics or legal precedent a mere 69 years ago.

I'm tempted to hope that biologically enhanced, cybernetically augmented, super soldiers would make wars less frequent and shorter.  Of course Hiram Maxim and Alfred Nobel once hoped the same for their inventions.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/russell-hunt/7089511421/in/pool-cps_excursions