Monday, June 25, 2012

Cassie's First Tri-Loppet

Was an awesome athletic adventure...

Our daughter Cassandra, ever on the look-out for a reason to stick to a training schedule, signed up for the 2012 City of Lakes Tri-Loppet.  The Tri-loppet - one of three Hoigaard's Challenge courses - features an 8k paddle, a 5k trail run, and an 11k mountain bike course.  

Cassie chose a solo sport kayak for her paddle, which may have cost her a place in the top ten, if not a spot on the platform.  Top finishers used two-person racing canoes (that may change next year).  Many other loppet participants, who appear to be generally fit runners and bicyclists, don't seem to invest much effort in the paddle portion.  Cassandra was run off the course, and into a wall, by two competitors who exhibited more enthusiasm than skill.

All that said, she blew through the course - which ranged from Lake Calhoun to the Theodore Wirth Golf Course - in great form for a 2:14:21 finish.

Cassie required a brief touch up at the medical tent after the finish line.  Seems there are a few places where you can crash a bike on the course.

Out of 550 starters Cassandra came in 23rd overall for women!  If she can find a seat in a fast, but standard, two-person canoe next year she'll easily attain her sub-two hour goal in 2013.

Well done, Boo!