Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Interesting Firearms Blog

Published since 2006 by someone in the Twin Cities metro...

The blogger at Average Joe's Handgun Reviews does not share his name but he has been running a neat little blog since 2006.  He has an organized and consistent approach to evaluating new and old handguns.  His photography runs from very good to studio grade.  It sounds like he spends as much time and money in Twin Cities gun shops as I used.  We agree on some things and disagree about others.  Like me, he finds the Kahr pistols to small to use effectively at speed and doesn't care for the grip angle on the Glock.  Unlike me, he no longer thinks a J-frame revolver is good choice for concealed carry by the average citizen.  He provides an interesting resource I encourage you to check out if you're looking for opinions on particular handguns or concealed carry topics in general.