Monday, February 25, 2013

Who Would Miss Him?

Rush Limbaugh is merely a paid entertainer...

He is not a thoughtful man.  He is not a public intellectual.  He plays his audience - and many of his critics - like a fiddle.  Anger, hatred, and fear-mongering should not be a spectator sport, let alone a profit center.  There are many important issues that divide our country, but his toxic tirades are not part of the solution.  His angry tune exists only to sell soap for his sponsors.  We need not buy their soap.

SIGN HERE: Tell Limbaugh Sponsors - We Will Not Buy Products That Support Misogyny, Racism and Hate Speech

Now, for the hard part.  Here are the names of Limbaugh's national sponsors I currently do business with or have in the past year:

Ace Hardware
Girl Scouts
Home Depot
O’Reilly Auto Parts
UPS Store

UPDATE: I sent "letters" (feedback forms) to AAA, AT&T, and Yahoo.  I'm going to miss Ace, O'Reilly, and Subway until they come around.  My BMI will not miss Girl Scout cookies or McDonald's.