Sunday, August 7, 2016

There Is A Method

To my madness...

I grew to appreciate the Safariland ALS running the Glock 22 at Gunsite last month. My Safariland duty holster started at level III but the hood came off Monday at lunch. The SLS came off Wednesday evening, three days of frustration too late. I've ordered a duty rig with only the ALS retention so that I'm not running a modified holster on the job. I ordered the same holster with a paddle for street clothes carry at work and nominal concealment situations. I'd scarcely shot a Glock before the class but I'm learning to live with it. To enhance that process I just picked up a Glock 19 for every day carry and to serve as an understudy to my Glock 22. Unlike the 40, I can afford to shoot a nine on my own dime. The Safariland concealment paddle holster has the same ALS retention system as my duty rig so I'm working with only one draw stroke. Never thought I'd end up with three 9mm pistols.