Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Quiet Evening in the Woods

An email note to my surviving friends from late 2007...

I took a couple hours for myself Christmas Day to spend some time away from the holiday hubub to sit quietly in the woods with my bow. There was a light snow and little fresh sign but I didn't care, it was so very peaceful. Made my way on foot into the Wilke Unit in the Minnesota River Valley. I found a tangled blowdown to sit in overlooking a likely game trail. There was no wind and the snow fell steadily, muffling the sounds of civilization that surrounded me. I saw no deer; even the squirrels seem to have taken the day off. The rest of my evenings this week are sheduled with other details so my deer hunting in Minnesota is over for 2007. It was not a great year, but at least it ended in quiet beauty. Be well.

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