Saturday, November 1, 2014

According to IO9

These are 30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See...

I've seen all but one*, two are on my list of favorite films, only three are horrible, and I've seen 17 more than once. Hmm, guess that makes me a cultist.

30) Zardoz >1

29) Tremors >1

28) The Warriors

27) Lost Boys >1

26) Born in Flames queued up*

25) Sharktopus horrible

24) Tales from the Hood

23) Death Race 2000 >1

22) The Hunger >1

21) Plan 9 from Outer Space horrible, 

20) Dark Star

19) Slither

18) Buckaroo Banzai

17) Time Bandits

16) Evil Dead 2

15) Night of the Living Dead

14) Brother from Another Planet

13) Cherry 2000

12) Altered States

11) Repo Man

10) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

9) They Live

8) Primer

7) Naked Lunch

6) The Man Who Fell To Earth

5) Re-Animator

4) Big Trouble in Little China

3) Eraserhead horrible

2) Donny Darko

1) Rocky Horror Picture Show 

*UPDATE: Watched Born In Flames (after a DVDNetflix Short Wait).  Not horrible.  There, I've seen the whole list...


  1. I can loan you my copy of Dark Star if you don't want to spring for it. I originally saw it on VHS and can't recall the Star Wars like introduction which challenges the audience to identify the character who was played by two different actors, and which scene was filmed with one of the high on LSD.
    I first saw and fell in love with Buckaroo Banzai in the theatre and am somewhat conflicted in whether I approve of the new version with added home movie footage of Buckaroo witnessing the death of his father.

    1. I've seen Dark Star (and even read the novelization) but once was enough. Never saw the enhanced version of BB, which does not sound like much of an improvement, but the sequel would still be welcome though...

    2. Alas, the sequel never came to be. Apparently Jamie Lee Curtis played Buckaroo's mother in the new version. I cant say the addition added anything to the original movie. Though it might have had some bearing if there were to be a sequel, since his parents died as a result of sabotage by The World Crime League.