Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Read Some Blogs Too

When time permits...

Here are some interesting recent posts from my reading list.

BPS Research Digest - Blogging on the Brain and Behaviour

The 10 most controversial psychology studies ever published

NIOSH Science Blog

Accurate and Efficient Assessments of Working Posture

Mind Hacks

Problems with Bargh's Definition of Unconscious

The Aviationist

F-15 Eagle vs CF-18 Hornet vs F-16 Fighting Falcon: a Pilot’s Perspective

NeuroLogica Blog

How to Be a Science Denier

Safegrowth - Inspire Neighborhood Futures

What's Happening to our Police?

Universe Today

SpaceX Commercial Resupply Dragon Set for Sept. 21 Blastoff to Station – Watch Live

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