Friday, September 28, 2012

No Business Is Immune To Tragedy

Not even in Minneapolis...

While my client was hosting its annual employee recognition reception Thursday afternoon just three miles away in Minneapolis police were responding to a mass killing at Accent Signage Systems, a small company located in the pleasant Bryn Mawr neighborhood.  According to news reports the alleged killer was apparently an employee who had been terminated that day.  Three employees (including the owner) and a UPS driver were killed, four more were wounded (three critically), and the shooter (a terminated employee) took his own life.  Gratefully this sort of thing doesn't happen often, but no business is immune to such tragedy.  We will learn more about precisely what happened, what was done to prevent it, and what else might have been tried.  In the mean time care for yourselves, each other, and your family members; support your fellow employees; insist on a bully-free workplace and humane management; and report any threatening comments or other behaviors that concern you.  We can all work together to create a safe and secure workplace for ourselves, our teams, and our community.

Photo credit: bjmacke via flickr

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