Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hey, Look!

An article on workplace violence that is sensible and practical...


What most people think of as workplace violence is rare, but when it does occur prompt and skillful action is required of employers.  I'm known for taking the news media and some members of the security profession to task for overselling the risk of violence in the workplace, but when a death, injury, other fearful incident occurs the company must pull out all the stops to care for employees and their families until a sense of health and wholeness is restored.  In When Prevention Fails: Minimizing the Post-Incident Impact of Workplace Violence the actions needed to restore a workplace to comfort, confidence, and productivity after a violent event is addressed in a series of linked articles prepared by a team of skilled writers who understand the topic.  The writers understand the statistics and do not conflate them.  This Business Insurance Solution Arc delivers some very good content.  Follow every link.  Color me pleased.

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